Challenges Welcomed and Accepted !

  Handling of large loads is a great challenge for every logistics company. But when someone refers to the handling of healthcare material in a pandemic, the challenge is even greater, especially when this material is transported with the super stars of cargo air freight, Antonov 124 and Antonov 225.

Στόλος οχήματων

  On April the 1st, we were asked to handle the unloading of healthcare material from Antonov 124, a 69-meter long cargo freight aircraft, with a 600m3 of cargo hold capacity, transport the material from International Airport El. Venizelos to our company’s facilities and store it in an especially, for this reason, dedicated space. The successful completion of this project made us really proud!

  However, our acquaintance, on May the 3rd, with the 85-meter long Antonov 225, with a cargo hold of 900m3, was a real honor for us and all the people of our company, whereas the overall project of its unloading and internal transportation of its load, by our entire fleet was completed with awe! Its 10-hour unloading and the chance we had to work underneath the wings of the Giant of Cargo Air Freight will always remain in our hearts as one of our greatest experiences in our professional lives in the logistics sector.

The entire healthcare material that was donated and transported to our country by the “Antonov Family Aircrafts” strengthens our duty for its overall perfect handling, a duty which we undertook with selflessness and, in an everyday basis, we are intensifying our efforts to shield our country’s healthcare system by making this material instantly available to each and every Health District of the Ministry of Health.




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