Warehouse Facilities

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Free Zone is our flagship facility. For Transcombi Express is a land full of opportunities readily available to you and your clients to explore. From beneficial customs conditions for the storage of imported goods, to suspension of import duty, VAT and excise duties on goods imported from outside the European Community, Transcombi Express’s Free Zone gives you a set of unique benefits that can improve substantially your results and accelerate your growth.

Free Zones are officially defined areas of land in Greece and throughout the European Union( EU) where customs duties, including Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) charges, are suspended on goods imported into the Free Zone from outside the EU.

VAT and excise duties are also suspended until the goods are removed from the Free Zone or used or consumed within the Free Zone.

Two types of goods can be placed in a Free Zone:

  1. Goods from outside the European Community (EC), known as non –Community goods.
  2. Community goods (goods acquired from within the EC), including those from the Greece.

Our state of the art Free Zone Logistics Center of Inoi at Inofyta Viotias,is situated 52km from the center of Athens, through which already passes railway siding. This railway siding permit us the direct connection to the Piraeus and the Thessaloniki port, as well as to the Greek borders.

This modern Logistics Center of Transcombi Express is offering integrated Logistics services throughout the entire supply chain and can covers in one stop, your logistics needs.