What we do

It takes more than standard services to create advanced customer experiences. It takes agility, flexibility, and operational excellence to align people, processes, and technologies to offer something different that create value for you and your clients. This is where Transcombi Express can really help.

Our strategy & operations services are rooted in 30 years of practical industry specific know-how. We invested heavily in technologies, processes and people so we can provide you with a number of on demand added value services. We go beyond standard practices of logistics and warehousing, we take the extra mile. We help you optimize your end-product and guide you through a series of pragmatic steps that will accelerate the integrated optimization of the entire value chain.

Our extensive range of value added services cover almost the whole necessary tasks needed before the distribution of the product. These services range from quality control of goods at the time of pickup at the supplier’s warehouse, repairs, labeling, barcoding, packaging/re-packaging or preparation of special promotional packages in Transcombi Express’ “multi – purpose” warehouses and just before their distribution to the market.

Also our value-added services are managed and monitored through our high end IT management system and can be reported in real-time to you and your clients.

Based on the clients’ specific needs and requirements, we are strong and flexible enough to provide a wide range of added value services that are already available or that can be designed and built within a very short period of time.

  1. Consulting
  2. Product refinement
  3. Assembly/disassembly work
  4. Repairs
  5. Order Picking
  6. Labeling
  7. Packaging / Repackaging
  8. Sleeving (foliation)
  9. Instruction manual attachment
  10. Price tag printing
  11. Assortment formation,
  12. Hanging
  13. Safety band attachment,
  14. Preparation of promotional packages,
  15. Attachment of warranties
  16. Barcoding
  17. Quality Inspections
  18. Testing
  19. Configuration / Customization
  20. File Archiving
  21. Customs Clearance & Fiscal Representative

Enhancing multi-functional business processes and operating models, we are here to help you create considerable efficiencies, while not losing sight of what you do best. This is what we really offer with our value added services.

We help you grow your customers’ satisfaction, accelerate your growth, saving valuable time and money. This is why, we can be your next “Logistics Partner”.