What we do

Our warehouses, serve for years now, customers from various industries to the highest level of efficiency. They are built in in 3 strategic locations, easily accessible by all major highways, railways and ports, and fully equipped with high-end it systems.

Our “multi-purpose warehouses” offer you a series of customized warehousing ideal solutions, from short to long-term contracts, for companies who wish to outsource or manage their materials on their own. We are strong enough to model and/or build storage areas according to special needs and requirements. We have the ability and know-how to satisfy any storage need, from dry bulk to food items and materials that require special handling.

We offer a range of different storage systems, such as pallet and drive in, drive through, back to back and VNA special shelving racks that we combine according to your specific needs. Also, removal from storage is offered based on customer specifications (serial number, shipping unit number, batch) or manual removal.

All the above, together with our extensive knowledge and long experience on designing warehouse processes (taking into account FIFO, FEFO, LIFO and other relevant processes), guarantee the best results for your client. Warehouse capacity optimization, reduction of expenses, acceleration of processes, minimization of handling hassles is what Transcombi Express “multi-purpose” warehouses can guarantee you. Explore our offerings and find out why Transcombi Express should be your next “Logistics Partner”.