What we do

When everything is connected,how you connect your products with your clients is everything.

The always on, multichannel world in which we live creates challenges for companies and customers alike. Companies, trying to adapt to a new world of connectivity, Customers demand faster delivery, more services, lower prices and a better overall experience in exchange for their loyalty. Poor quality of logistics services result in bad customer experiences that disconnect clients from the brands costing billions and pushing customers away.

That’s where we come in. Now, you can focus on your main business objectives and outsource to us all logistics services related to the whole supply chain. Our integrated platform of Contract Logistics Services includes consulting, strategy, logistics, warehouse, technology and added value services. From international and domestic freight forwarding services, to warehouse and special added value services, Transcombi Express as a holistic Logistics service provider, can offer tailor-made, cost effective solutions.

We simply help brands connect all the pieces of the supply chain together to create incredible experiences, deepen customer engagement, and drive hyper growth by orchestrating every interaction, across all distribution channels.


Dedicated – Expert Contract Logistics Team We bring the best team, tools, and practices to everything we do. Our experienced dedicated logistics team leverages Insights, Strategy & Operations, and unique Learning & Performance solutions to help you break down any barriers and co-create a customized Contract Logistics experience, that brings higher return for your business.

Flexible – Tailor-made solutions Our deep know-how, long experience, customer centric philosophy together with our logistics and warehouse capabilities give us the strength to be really flexible for you and your clients. That means that we do not follow the approach “one size, fits all”. We design solutions that fit perfectly to your specific needs and bring positive results to your business.

Special value-added services Being flexible and customer oriented we can offer numerous of added value services to any client that work with us under a Contract Logistics relationship. You can benefit from a wide range of value added services, no matter the size of your business, and create amazing customer experiences for your clients.