Our Company was founded more than three decades ago on one guiding principle: Customer relations built on trust, transparency and effectiveness and deliver lasting value for everyone. This is the cornerstone principle that entitles us to claim that we can be ‘Your Logistics Partner’ to success for the last 30 years.

Building those relationships across every logistics channel (rail, air, sea, land), and every interaction is not simple. The always on, multichannel logistics world in which we live, creates challenges for companies and customer alike. To these challenges Transcombi Express has a long proven record of success that steams from our focused strategy and our customer centric philosophy.

For the last 30 years, this strategy and customer centric philosophy brought real sound results and helped us to pursue a steady growth, in a very challenging environment. Today, we can proudly share with you our major milestones that indicate the development and stability of Transcombi Express over the years of operation. Let’s face the future together and let us drive your business growth with insight full relevant experiences. Let’s create together unique 3PL experiences that delight, strengthen your customer connections and grow business.