What we do

Our warehouse facilities situated in 3 strategic locations, are designed and build to address every customer’s specific need

Highly equipped with cutting edge, industry specific IT and storage systems, our “multi-purpose” warehouse facilities help you orchestrate at the optimum level, every interaction across all storage functions.

From construction, to equipment and all legal parameters for fire and safety, we paid attention to the detail and we are proud for our facilities that are focused on providing the highest industry’s quality standards for our customers.


All facilities features include:

  • Electro-hydraulic ramps with blow tubes
  • Electronic forklifts
  • Drive-in, drive-through shelves
  • VNA special shelves
  • Back to back shelves
  • Dexion shelves
  • Fire detection / Fire extinguishing system
  • 24/7 security alarm system
  • Full lighting of the facilities
  • CCTV system
  • Security dedicated team
  • Security patrols inside /outside the facilities
  • Full Insurance coverage

    guarantee the highest level of efficiency for you and your clients.

Our extensive network of “multi-purpose warehouse” in 3 diverse locations:

  • Athens
  • Aspropyrgos
  • Inofyta Viotias

with over 100.000 spaces for pallets, is the reason why we can be your next “Logistics Partner”. Our dedicated “Warehouse Support Team” completes the service and ensures that Transcombi Express can offer customized, cost-efficient solutions with personalized touch for all customers.

Get ready to become “Partners” to success.