Transcombi Express takes part at Transport Bridge against Covid 19

   It was a great challenge for our company to undertake the overall healthcare material handling project of our country, when Covid-19 was declared as a  pandemic and despite the fact that we sailed to unknown seas and unprecedented circumstances, we managed to stand ourselves as proud warriors of what we have as our expertise, without ever neglecting, at any time, our logistics responsibility against our other customers, in terms of the unseized supply of s/m’s   

Warehouse Oinoi - Voiotias

  In a noble, under the circumstances, event, which was held in our company’s premises in Oinoi, at the initiative of our country’s Health Minister, Mr. Vasilis Kikilias, who wanted to express the Greek government’s gratitude to all the donors of all the healthcare material donated to our country, a presentation of the healthcare material logistics processes was realized by our company’s Managing Director, Mr. Yannis Kapetanakis. 

Minister of Health Mr. Kikilia inside our facilities


   Mr. Vasilis Kikilias, at the press conference held in the section of our facilities were healthcare material is stored, noted accordingly: “All together, we organized an unprecedented healthcare material supply bridge, that doctors, nurses and paramedic personnel needed in their fight against Covid-19. A coordinated work was done in the midst of a global healthcare material dispute …”     

  We, from our part, would like to thank all the people of our company for their contribution to our efforts, and would like to state that it is our special honor and social duty to participate actively and dynamically in this process. We are not complacent and we will keep evolving setting the quality level of the services we provide, even higher.   

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