TRANSCOMBI EXPRESS is always close to the ones in need

After a disastrous storm that pummeled the city and the villages of Karditsa, Central Creece, claiming 4 lives and causing great damages to the infrastructure of the area, as well as to a great number of households, a great effort has been done, mainly from private initiatives, to relief the people of this area.

Transcombi Express, with a high sense of social responsibility, always stands by the side of its customers and assists all their actions. For this reason, Transcombi Express provided, without any cost, the handling and transportation project of a great amount of Vileda cleaning material to Karditsa, which came as a generous donation of FHP to the people that saw damages to their households, as a result of this flood.

Delivery of the products took place in Karditsa, on Monday, October the 12th and the donation was welcomed by the local authorities of the city, the representatives of the Cultural Sports Club of Karditsa, with its president, Mr. Karouzos, coordinating all actions needed, which aim in the relief of the Karditsa people.

Transcombi Express keeps its promise to stand in solidarity, wherever and whenever needed, to society and the people who need it and wishes to the Cultural Sports Club of Karditsa, strength and patience to continue the volunteering work they have undertaken against the society of the damaged area.

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