• Improved cash flow management by removing, the obligation to pay VAT or import duty at the same time as goods are physically transported into Greece you can meet your import tax obligations closer to the time you sell the goods.
  • VAT-free importation of goods destined for another EU Member State.
  • In the Free Zone you can store goods without paying import VAT, excise duty or import duty
    (including CAP agricultural changes) until you remove the goods or released for free circulation.
  • Furthermore, Community goods may be put in Free Zones in order to benefit from Community legislation governing export refunds or the repayment of import duties. In addition, there may be special reliefs available in free zones from other taxes, excise or local duties.
  • Deferred payment: Α general provision exists under the deferred payment scheme for deferment of payment of VAT and import duty to the 15th day of the month following the month in which VAT becomes due. It is a direct debit system and requires the lodgment of the guarantee and compliance with the conditions of the scheme.