Transcombi Express awarded at the event “SALUS 2020 & THE KIND HEARTS”

Ioannis Kapetanakis accepts the "Kind Hearts" award
On the left: Transcombi Express Managing Director, Ioannis Kapetanakis

To a very special, under the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, event “Salus 2020 & The Kind Hearts”, which took place on Tuesday, October 27, at Lycabettus Horizons, Transcombi Express was awarded for its contribution to the management of the pandemic that still affects our country, through the provision of services of transportation, storage and distribution of healthcare material of the country, derived from donations and purchases of the state, on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

The company award came in a time when the second wave of the pandemic seems to be harsher than the first one and the need of the country for timely and safe transportation of healthcare material, to the points indicated each time from the Ministry of Health, is more imperative than ever, giving to the Transcombi Express people the strength to perform their duties, not only in terms of a simple transportation and storage project, but also in terms of social responsibility against the citizens of our country.

As Mr. Ioannis Kapetanakis, Managing Director of Transcombi Express mentioned in his speech: “We continue, up to date, to provide our services and we will continue to provide it for as long as the circumstances demand it, so as to be able to cope to these difficult times we are facing as a country…” giving his promise that Transcombi Express will remain consistently by the side of Greece’s citizens, through the handling of Ministry’s of Health, healthcare material.

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