Business Development


  • Better flexibility in choosing destinations for your goods.
  • Good brought from outside the EU and held in a Free Zone are treated as being outside the customs territory of the EU even though they are physically within it.
  • In Free Zones you can carry out certain handling or processing operations on the goods while they remain in the Free Zone.
  • Moreover you can benefit from our dedicated areas for bonded goods’ processing such as: repacking, bundling, kitting, assembling, fire department ,and offices for the accommodation of prospective customers, in order to propel their merchandise throughout Europe.
  • In addition, you can increase your customer satisfaction using our daily departures for express transportations to all European countries.
  • Once you are authorized to operate in a Free Zone (or you have chosen an operator who is already authorized to operate on your behalf) you can enter your goods and then remove them when it suits your business.