Distribution – Warehousing of Sanitary Material

Transcombi Dimos Athinwn Covid 19

Transcombi Dimos Athinwn Covid 19

Our Company declares its presence on the front lines of the critical days we are going through with the spread of COVID-19. Our department deals exclusively with the transport of sanitary material of all nature throughout Greece, with speed and immediacy, always finding the best possible solution, so that the requirements of our customers and our partners are fully met.

On a daily basis, we consistently manage the requests of our customers for the transport of sanitary material mainly from China and from other countries of Europe.

Transcombi Dimos Athinwn Covid 19Transcombi Dimos Athinwn Covid 19

Despite the difficult conditions we face, we always manage to find the most immediate solution,based on our staff and our large network of certified partners.In combination with the transport services we provide storage, customs procedures and packaging of sanitary material.

We continue to be “Your Logistics Partner”, always giving the best of our abilities, so that together we can overcome this difficult and extraordinary situation that we all experience.

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