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Making our world a “Better Place”

We at Transcombi Express, believe that organizations should conduct business in ways that have a positive impact on our people, our communities and the environment in which we live. Taking care of our people, communities and the environment is not an obligation for us. It’s a passion that is shared by our executives and employees. It’s part of our existence, our DNA.

This philosophy is at the heart of our CSR program, “Better Place” which is rooted in three key pillars: Employees, Society, Environment.



Our employees are the cornerstones
of our existence.

At Transcombi Express we strive to offer more than an attractive working position. We provide a sustainable working environment, guided by our values. We attract talents with ambitions and goals. We hire the most motivated candidates based on clear and transparent procedures.

We encourage the development of our employees and we recognize good performance through clear assessment criteria. We ensure equality of opportunities and promote collaboration at any level.

During the last three years of crisis we secured all workplaces and fostered employee retainment by investing on special benefits such as group insurance programs.


At Transcombi Express, we believe that socially responsible behavior benefits our communities, employees and our business.

In these turbulent times, our leadership team and employees show their real commitment to society by supporting valuable social groups and local communities in need.

We support good causes and social initiatives from trusted organizations. Such as ‘ To Hamogelo tou Paidiou’ offering a range of volunteering services.


We are passionate about the environment and our environmental responsibility is felt and diffused at all levels of Transcombi Express’s operations.

We take a variety of initiatives that aim to save energy, minimize waste and promote green logistics. We built and light our facilities using latest energy saving systems.

  • We use transparent panels to improve nature lighting.
  • We light our premises with high efficiency led technology bulbs and recycle them after use.
  • We use recycled paper.
  • We recycle paper, wood and other materials that we use in our operations.

For Transcombi Express Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of our existence.

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